Meet Bob & Diane

Meet Bob…

Bob Bennett was born on February 23, 1944, in Warrensburg, Missouri.  His father, Robert Edwin Bennett, was a physician; his mother, Hazel Marie Hammond-Bennett, was a nurse.  Bob grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas, graduating from W.B. Ray High School in 1961.  Bob attended Del Mar Junior College and then relocated to Houston, where he attended the University of Houston part time.  Bob also spent a year in New Orleans and then returned to Houston.  From there he went on to Los Angeles where he lived for 35 years.  Bob spent most of his professional life as a chain buyer of candy and tobacco products for several major retailers.  He is still working, this time in sales, for the largest cigar company in the world.

During his years in Los Angeles, he married and had twin daughters Bridie and Buffy.  His daughters graduated from UCSD and never returned to Los Angeles, preferring the better climes of San Diego.  Bob’s first wife, Dorothy, died of cancer in 1998.  So far, there are two grandchildren: Meghan and Jack.  Bob again married in 2003 to his current wife Diane.

Meet Diane…

Diane Abidor was born and raised in Los Angeles.  Her father Fred was a glazer by trade and was kept busy hanging glass in many of the casinos in Las Vegas.  Her mother Ruth served as office manager for the L.A. Unified School District prior to retirement.  Sadly, Fred passed away in 1997.  Ruth currently lives in Burbank.  Carolyn, Diane’s younger sister, lives in Canyon Country.

Diane graduated from L.A. High in 1960.  She was extremely dexterous and able to type at a very high speed.  She put this skill to work at many of Los Angeles’s most prestigious law firms while continuing her education part time.  After graduating from Cal State Dominguez in 1984, Diane went on to graduate school for a year, majoring in Behavioral Science-Conflict Resolution.  This training enabled her to serve as a mediator.  After a year, she decided it was time for a career change.  Her passion had always been food so she became a Certified Executive Chef.  Following graduation from Culinary School, she worked in Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks.  Eventually she was recruited by Amtrak where she worked for 12 years.  It’s dangerous work cooking 1,000 meals a day on a moving train, and eventually her injuries took their toll and she retired on early disability.

Meet Bob & Diane….

Bob and Diane met on the internet in 1999.  They met for lunch one day at Musso & Frank, Hollywood’s oldest restaurant.  Things went okay, but Diane felt that it wasn’t the right time since Bob’s wife had died fairly recently.  Diane was working for Amtrak at the time and serving on several of their longer routes across the country.

Four years later, she called Bob out of the blue and the rest is history.  They were married on May 24, 2003, in Las Vegas.  They currently live in Leisure World where they are both very active in the community.